With our new chapter opening in San Diego this September, we at Women With Ambition are very excited to become involved in the bustling community of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation that encompass this California city! As a part of our mission to bring women valuable knowledge and connections, we look forward to hosting events to build your network, mentoring your entrepreneurial journey and being a support system you can count on.  Due to the current state of entrepreneurship in large cities being so competitive, we are thrilled to take on the challenge to help women entrepreneurs succeed in San Diego. To celebrate the opening of our new chapter, we would like to share two of the successful women entrepreneurs in San Diego that have paved the way for the future of females in the professional world!

Felena Hanson, The Woman Revolutionizing Co-Working

Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub, has been involved in the entrepreneurial scene for over 15 years. She has coached, given a TED talk, been a marketing director and now runs her own company. In 2001, Hanson founded Hera Hub, the first female-focused international co-working space. Her company has brought a professional and productive workspace to female entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent consultants and authors.

She looks to expand her company’s support to 20,000 women by 2020 with Hera Hub’s current locations in Phoenix, AZ, Southern California, Washington, DC, and Stockholm, Sweden. Hanson plans to open more locations to reach her goal and is not slowing down any time soon.

Natalie Susi, Conquering An Open Market

Natalie Susi is a teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. She came to San Diego from the East coast to teach at SDSU and brought the business idea of selling a popular summertime treat from her region, Italian ice, with her. When her friends started asking her to bring it to their parties, she realized that mixing liquor into it created a low-calorie cocktail.

She researched the idea and learned it had a market that not many had pursued. After pursuing sourcing, distribution, marketing and sales, she created Bare Organic Mixers. In just five years she was able to create a large scale of success and sold her company to Ultimate Superfoods, Inc. She has since returned to teaching and writing but is a great example of how possible it is for a female entrepreneur to be successful if one would pursue their business idea with passion.

Following Their Lead

These two women entrepreneurs are role models for success in San Diego and offer great inspiration for fellow women who want to begin or better their pursuit of their business. Women With Ambition is looking forward to starting this journey with its members this coming September and are seeking strong women with leadership-driven mindsets to join our team! Our San Diego Chapter President, Destiny Magdalena, is looking for a Vice President, VP of Member Success, VP of Member Growth and a treasurer to help her expand this chapter and help more female entrepreneurs in the area.

Leadership Roles

The Vice President will assist in leading the events and ensure success of the local chapter.

The VP of Member Success will collect feedback from members, report attendees and ensure the success of members.

The VP of Member Growth will help to grow the local chapter, increase membership and reach out to influential entrepreneurs.

The Treasurer will manage local chapter finances and report back to headquarters.

Why Should You Join The Leadership Team?

Being apart of the Women With Ambition leadership board is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally while helping others. Some of the benefits of entering a leadership role are:

  • Playing a significant role in empowering women in your local community.
  • Building your network with influential and inspirational entrepreneurs.
  • The chance to improve leadership skills and build your resume.

Meet San Diego’s Chapter President: Destiny Magdalena

Destiny Magdalena is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, who is passionate about encouraging and motivating women, to become the best version of themselves. After experiencing rejection, abuse, molestation, bullying, and many other challenges in life,  she realized that although painful, they ultimately helped propel her into her purpose. For many years she believed she would always be a victim of her past; but one day, she decided that she was going to get up, take her life back by force and live without limits. Her mission is to help women, by empowering and teaching them to do the same.

Want to Apply?

To apply for any of the four leadership roles available, click here.



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