Everyone knows the success of Steve Jobs; the college dropout that created a multibillion dollar industry. The newest underdog, Jeff Bezos, started a company that revolutionized online shopping in his parents garage. Similar to the current state of the business world, the focus of modern entrepreneurial success stories are dominated by men.

Rarely do you hear the stories of women entrepreneurs praised for their difficult path to achieving their goals. Furthermore, if you were to ask for a list of female entrepreneurs most people could not give you more than 5. But the stories exist. Sara Blakely, the visionary behind Spanx, worked as a door saleswoman for fax machines before producing a future fashion staple.

This month at WomenAmbition, we are highlighting female entrepreneurial success stories because we understand the importance of representation when it comes to failure. With the content we will provide on the community this month, we hope you are able to turn rejection into motivation. After all, a rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

What we’re absorbing at WomenAmbition

We’re singing: Girl by Maren Morris (Listen on Youtube)

Earlier this year, Maren Morris released her sophomore album GIRL and the title track serves as a reminder to show up for yourself even when things are difficult.

We’re note-taking: Jia Jiang’s What I learned from 100 days of rejection

  • Jia Jiang commits to seeking out rejection for a month by requesting strange things like burger refills from fast food restaurants.

We’re reading: Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway: How to be more confident by Dr. Susan Jeffers

  • Psychologist Susan Jeffers offers valuable advice on how to confront your fears by providing tools and exercises for handling difficult situations. This book is considered a staple in the self-help category as it’s one of the best selling self-help books of all time.  

We’re listening: There Aren’t Really Failures: Here’s Proof brought to you by Goal Digger podcast

  • In There Aren’t Really Failures: Here’s Proof, Autumn discusses the tricky path of starting her fitness business. As mentioned by Goal Digger’s Jenna Kutcher, Autumn thinks of her failures as lights that put her on her correct path.

We’re watching: Legally Blonde

  • Saving the best for last, WA is winding down for movie night by watching Elle Woods. Of course, Legally Blonde is a cult classic as it details the journey of a hardworking modern woman.

Stay tuned for some more exciting content, prizes and events to help you turn rejection into motivation!

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