The Women with Ambition Mentorship Program connects like-minded female entrepreneurs at different stages in their careers to further promote confidence, provide support, and enhance development for the mentee. The program provides leadership opportunities for the mentor and gives them the unique opportunity to mentor someone from one of the Women with Ambition Chapter in their city or by pairing up with a female entrepreneur in a developing country for an online mentorship.

We are all learning. We are all growing. We all need each other.


Mentor Programs


This program matches local mentors to meet in person and build a strong connection. There is nothing like being able to meet your mentor in person since so much of our language is communicated without our words. We encourage this type of program whenever it is possible for both individuals.



Women With Ambition takes mentoring even further by pairing with global non-profit organizations that work to develop female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our network of experienced mentors from all over the globe have the opportunity to mentor ambitious women from developing countries who don’t have access to the same resources or information. Together we are better, together we will achieve. 


Program Benefits


  • Global connections of proven female founders
  • Access to international network of investors
  • Access to all Women With Ambition’s Global Events
  • Experience advising an early stage entrepreneur
  • Invaluable impact on a young entrepreneur’s life


  • Growth of network with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Boost in business idea creditability
  • Access to international network of investors
  • Access to events & local chapters
  • Global connections of female founders
  • Consistent meetings to review goals and progress
  • Personalized guidance and advice

The Women With Ambition team monitors each mentor & mentee pairing to provide any support needed to provide the most valuable possible to each individual. We hand pick the mentor and mentee pairs to provide the most relevant experience and interests. No matter the program you choose, your experience will be life-changing and impactful!