Women With Ambition’s events are a crucial part of empowering our ambitious women and growing our professional women’s organization. These women entrepreneur events give us the skills, connections, network, experience and inspiration required to move forward together on our individual journeys.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we can gain immense value in learning from other people’s successes, failures and everything in between. We offer various different types of events to suit all of our needs from weekend retreats to annual conferences, investor pitches, webinar series, unforgettable happy hour parties and more! As a Women With Ambition member you have access and discounts to these life-changing events!


Our annual conference is held in major cities around the globe to bring together top industry leaders, investors, female founders and international ambitious women to make invaluable connections, inspire each other and learn from our experiences.

UPCOMING CONFERENCE: February 28 – March 2, 2019 Barcelona, Spain 


Our Webinar series allow ambitious women from around the globe to learn new valuable skills and even participate in events they are unable to attend in person. These webinars range from expert presentations to recording fireside chats to learning new skills such as communication, digital marketing and much more!


Our success means nothing without our physical and mental health, so we cannot create a community to empower women without making mental and physical health one of our pillars. We provide yoga and meditation classes, nutrition planning, cooking workshops, mindfulness retreats and much more. When you join our community we don’t want you to leave your concerns or problems at home, instead we encourage members to let down any walls, let out any concerns to find peace, healthy habits and an authentic support network to be the best version of yourself. No matter what you are going through, you are far from alone my dear


Our community of ambitious women aren’t just “networking friends” that talk about work problems. Our chapters form deep connections, have deep belly laughs and above all enjoy our time together growing, understanding and motivating each other. To take this a step further we started running weekend long retreats in various locations around the globe to bring together multiple chapters for valuable workshops and fun activities like snorkeling in the Mediterranean, riding horses on the Atlantic, hiking up mountains and much more!


To make sure we are learning new skills, we run hands-on workshops led by experts from various fields. These workshops can run from things like building a new website, defining company culture, managing business finances, basics of graphic design, social media growth with new topics being adding continually!


We always talk about not reinventing the wheel, but how do we really go about doing this? Googling “how to start a company” will send you in one million different directions. Instead, we bring in the seasoned pros who can guide us from their real, hands-on experience, explaining the good, the bad and the ugly. These fireside chats are personal and intimate allowing the audience to participate, ask questions and network with like-minded ambitious women. We live-stream some of these chats for our global audience as well!


Many times startups need financial and strategical help to gain traction and move to the next stages. We accept applications from startups and if chosen, we provide trainings on investor pitches to ensure you have the materials, data and presentation ready to make the most of your investor pitch opportunity. Our network of investors are always looking for ambitious female founders to empower women and improves our societies.


happy hour

We certainly aren’t all work no play! We know how to throw some parties that will be talked about for years to come! Each month our chapter cities throw a happy hour for all the city’s members and interested members with amazing drinks, live music, delicious food & fun ambiance. Every couple of months we take it a step further with a full party!