What is a City Director?

WomenAmbition city directors represent our mission in their local cities. They help to organize local events and meetups while ensuring attendees and speakers feel welcomed and comfortable. These directors are an extension of our core team and make a huge impact bringing together female founders to avoid isolation, learn from each other and ease the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. 

Why become a City Director? 

Our city directors are passionate about helping others and meeting new people. They see the value in building authentic connections and want their city to benefit from WomenAmbition’s events and community. Some of the key benefits to becoming a host are: 

  • Free Marketing & Event training courses and 1:1 support calls
  • Brand and website link shared on website featuring city directors 
  • Support from WomenAmbition core team to obtain key partnerships
  • Gain exposure for your brand with free Gold level sponsorship for all events
  • Website and social media promotion of your personal & professional brand
  • Grow your network with industry leaders and growing entrepreneurs
  • Empower local ambitious women to improve wellbeing and achieve goals
  • Earn 80% of all profit from the events in your city 
  • Ability to share your role on Linkedin and resume

Are you interested in becoming a director in your city? Apply now to learn more!


Meet Our City Director

San Diego Women Entrepreneurs

Keti Spangler

New San Diego resident. Lived in beautiful Hawaii before for 5 years, originally from Europe. Entrepreneur, holistic lifestyle advocate, nature and travel addict. In my spare time I love to read too many self-help books, make DIY products, hike, HIIT train and yoga. Minimal waste and planet health supporter. I value spirituality, mindfulness and love to expand my consciousness. I come up with new ideas all the time, if only there was more time to implement them all 🙂

NYC Women Entrepreneurs
NYC Women With Ambition host

Yaira Rodriguez

Since I was a little girl, my biggest passions have been helping and creating. I’m Currently a school counselor helping kids thrive in school by providing tools in managing their social/emotional in order for them to succeed academically. Although I love what I do, there’s still a part of me that feels that there’s still more to do and that’s when I started looking for ways to network with likeminded individuals and that’s when I found Women with Ambition. I saw the perfect opportunity to explore what else I can accomplish as an independent, passionate women that believes that passions do not have an expiration date. I love entertaining and connecting with others about cultures and life experiences so when the opportunity of hosting was presented I couldn’t say no!

Barcelona Women Entrepreneurs

Mirja Finstad

38 years young. Currently living in BCN, made in Ibiza, mostly raised in Oslo, but about half of my life has been spent traveling around the world. Bachelor in Marketing Communication and PR management. Certified Project Manager and Rose Healer. For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking to the spiritual, and always wanting to learn more about that and the power of the human mind and body. But I kept it a secret, and even suppressed my abilities, because I didn't want others to think I was “weird”. For the past 6 years I ran my own Raw Vegan Cooking School. Before that, I worked as a snowboard and travel journalist, had my own DJ Management, was a Nightclub Manager, and worked in the fashion industry as a PR manager and model and in several TV/Film productions as Assistant Project Manager. Dec 2018 I closed the doors of my school and set off on a journey to “find my soul purpose”. After a 8 week long journey through the magical lands of the Mayas in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico (living in one with nature and alongside energy workers/healers in a jungle ashram, in a jungle treehouse and in a holistic yoga residence in Tulum) I decided to follow in the steps of my godmother, and work in the spiritual field. Now, at 38, I am loving any “weird” label and I am finally ready to start sharing my knowledge and gifts to help others live their best life by being a Spiritual Wellness Coach & Healer. I am offering coaching through conversations & intuitive emotional energy healing using Crystals, Roses, Singing bowls and Essential Oils. And I specialize in Breakups, Grief, Self love, Stress release, Insomnia, Headaches, Stomach aches, Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing. I also offer plant-based eating plans. And I host Moon Ceremonies and Women Circles. On the side I am city director of WA which is an honor because I love sisterhood – the concept of women supporting each other instead of hating on and being jealous of each other. Women are SO strong, yet we tend to doubt our strengths and greatness. But when we support and inspire each other, we become super humans 😊

Gina German

Budapest based crazy cat lady with a passion for planning and organizing. Currently working as a project manager in the field of supply chain, always looking for process improvement and opportunities to learn something new. I love to be surrounded by strong, brave and ambitious women with a “go for it” attitude, having meaningful and deep conversations are giving me just as much energy as a sweaty gym-session. I am all about sports and healthy lifestyle, but if a charming cake comes around I won’t reject it, because hey…Life is short, you must enjoy it. Excited about travel, self-coaching, sustainable fashion, meeting with new people and get to know new cultures. You will find me spending my free-time reading in a park, walking around in my neighborhood as I am a first-time visitor or chatting with friends over coffee or dinner about the big things in life.